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This Agreement was last modified on 17 July 2018.


Shopylancy.pk is Pakistan’s best online store deals with various items that offer multiple options for you. You can place the product before checking the item. These terms and conditions are applicable not only to the Site, but all of its subsidiaries, divisions, and affiliate programs when we will start which reference these Terms and Conditions. So, you have to accept all our terms and conditions. 

We have the authority to add, remove, change, or modify any clause of the Terms and Conditions anytime without providing any certain detail. The changes, modification, removal, and addition of any information on the website will be considered effective from the time it is posted. Users are advised to regularly check the Terms and Conditions of the Site to stay updated. If you continue to use the Site even after changes, then it will constitute your acceptance of revised/changed Terms and Conditions.


To use this site, you have at least 18 years old or accessing the website under the supervision of an adult (it might be your parent or legal guardian). We offer a non-revocable license to use it, subject to your acceptance and understanding of the Terms and Conditions for shopping items offered/available on the Site for sale. We prohibit you to use this Site for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party unless express permission is obtained in advance by the Site. To ensure that, the violation of any Terms and Conditions will result in the immediate revocation of your license provided to you, for which no prior notice will be provided.

There are more features to you are available on this Site, which may require subscription or registration. If you want to subscribe or register for those services or associated features, you agree to provide the correct and latest information about yourself, and you are required to notify us in case of any changes in the information provided. 

If you suffer some problems then email us anytime. 

Submission to Website

Any submissions to the website of any kind essentially become the property of the website and may or may not be returned to the person who originally composed them. [Your Website Name] reserves the right to use the name of the person who submitted this information along with the information submitted for further use or reviews as it wishes. You are not allowed to use a bogus or a false email or an email of another person for any purposes related to this website.

Copyrights & Trademarks

All the rights reserved by [Your Website Name] and all intellectual property which is protected under Pakistan’s copyright laws and international conventions. The intellectual property of the website includes but without limitations graphics, software, source code(s), or everything. 

Payment Procedure

You can avail Pay on Delivery as well as all the available payment options for orders that are priced below Rs. 10000. You cannot avail Pay on Delivery option for orders that are priced over Rs. 10000. For orders above Rs. 10000, you have to pay the full amount through a credit card online or Bank Transfer..


Shopylancy.pk reserves the right to revoke all customer rights without prior notice to the customer. It includes all the policies under the terms and conditions without prior notice to the customer. Following this act or termination of such agreement, you will immediately discontinue the usage of the website for any purpose and we will revoke all passwords and account identification which had been issued through our website to you. By using this website, your consent is implied that [Your Website Name] or it’s website is not liable for any loss or damage caused due to this termination or act of suspension to you or any other person.

Refund Process

Thank you for visiting Shopylancy.pk where we are engaged in providing you with a pleasurable shopping experience, day in and day out. In case of a refund or exchange, we offer our customers a ‘Refund and/or Exchange Policy’ within three (03) days of delivery.

In order to acquire a refund and/or exchange you are requested to write to our support team at info@24hours.pk. Subsequently you may also use our ‘Lodge a Complaint’ page on the website.

Just select ‘Claim’ from the options and place a request to initiate the process.

Logistics personnel will collect the product from your doorstep and the customer will not be in any way charged additional for a refund and/or exchange.

In case of product loss or product damage of any sorts, the company will not be liable to provide with a refund and/or exchange. However a refund is acceptable only when the product returned is devoid of any damage and is intact in its totality.


  • Please note an exchange on the account of a mismatch or fault is dependent on availability of stock. This exchange without any additional charges.
  • An exchange can only take place once our Quality Control (QC) personnel have completed and reported due inspection.
  • Please note, Shopylancy.pk does not offer refund and/or exchange on  electronic items.
  • In order to claim warranty on our selection of electronic items that bear manufacturer’s warranty, kindly contact vendor/manufacturer/authorized dealer directly.

We thank you once again for shopping at Shopylancy.pk and wish you a satisfactory experience time and time again.

Payment Policy:

Shopylancy.pk can change the price of the order, the price fluctuation can be due to currency devaluation, shortage of product, or any other unforeseen incident. In such a case Shopylancy will let the customer know the new price and if the customer agrees then only Shopylancy will dispatch the product.

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